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Project Community Activities For Everyone

Project Cafe is a student-directed non-profit organization promoting drug and alcohol free activities, music, art, community service, and scholarship in the Cazenovia area.

With strong community support and a wide array of programs involving youths and adults, Project Cafe is committed to improving the quality of life throughout the Cazenovia area in many unique ways.



Choose your candidate... Then Choose your meal!

When: Tuesday, November 4th between 5-8 pm.

Where: Dave's Dinner


For your convenience take-outs are available.

All proceeds for the dinner support Project Cafe Community Activities,
Thank you for your support.


Project CAFE announces the start of their annual After School Program held at Common Grounds.  This is a free program for Middle School to High School age students of all abilities residing in the Cazenovia School District.  We are in deep gratitude to Madison County Youth Bureau and various commercial and individual DONORS WHO make this program possible.  Donations are always welcome!

Our priority is to provide a safe after school environment for children Middle School THROUGH High School.  Our philosophy is TO respect others and TO respect property.  We are a safe, supervised place that children can come to after school.  The after school program is available on school days 3pm - 5:30pm and half days 11am - 3pm.  We are not available on snow days, full staff development days or days that school is not in session (vacations).  We will, however, be available when there is early dismissal due to a snow day emergency until 3pm.

Our policy is simple:

  1. We ask that no food be brought in while Dave's Diner s open (until 3pm everyday). We welcome students to purchase drinks OR snacks THROUGH the diner right after school. 
  2. No profanity.
  3. We do allow electronic devices, but ask that students use headphones. Video and game content must be appropriate for a mixed environment.

If a child’s behavior seriously violates the safety of any child or staff, he /she may be temporarily excluded from Project CAFE.  We supervise students when they are in the Common Grounds Building and over on the  front lawn of the Presbyterian Church.  We cannot control the comings and goings of the children, therefore, we cannot keep tabs on children when they leave the premises.  If there is an emergency and the Common Grounds Building has to be evacuated, we exit the building and our safe zone meeting place is in front of the Presbyterian Church.

Our staff includes Coco Koseki and Elizabeth Digiacomo and approved interns from Cazenovia College.   To contact Project CAFE when in session the phone number is 655-3991. For any comments or concerns,  the adult board president, Barbara Cudney can be reached by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by text at 315-415-8362.